Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Trials and Tribulations of Poo........

....why oh why do so many people think it's ok to let their smelly little canines crap all over the pavement!!!! The pavement that is there for WALKING on!
The school runs are a constant struggle...a slalom race through a unending obstacle course of varying plops! Kids just dont look where they're going! My life would be so much easier if people would just be responsible for their pets...would you let your child whip down it's pant and poo all over the pavement (dont even answer that)? NO!! So why let your beloved furry family member do it!?
'Mind the poo', 'mind the poo', 'mind the poo' - the words i find myself saying constantly to the of whom would step in a dump even if it was hidden in a football field (clumsy clot). Im sick of saving the kids from the certain doom of stepping on a turd while winding the buggy through the foul stuff!!! I dont want smears all over my floor thank you very much.
Then the horror of all horrors. Bobi decided to sit on a little wall....cue me grabbing her in disgust. THERE WAS A DOG POO ON THE WALL!! ON THE WALL!! How the hell does a dog poo on a wall! Surely that's just physically impossible...obviously not!
CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PET... The next dog i see crapping all over the WALK-way, im gonna kick up the butt and push that plop back where it can from....or so help me!!! (a little Monsters Inc sort-of reference there), then im gonna kick it's owner in the butt!!! If i wanted to have the worries of dog-fouling i would get myself a dog!
If poop-avoidance were an olympic sport guess who'd win first prize!!?

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