Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We took Bobi to her first pantomine on Sunday (Cinderella)! The man in our local Centra had some tickets and he just randomly gave us 4!!! (touch wood...our luck seems to having a good run at the moment!) Because Bobs is 2 she didn't need a ticket so we took Jess and Ambi too! Had such a cool time! Was proper traditional...ugly sisters, singing, dancing, sweets slung into the audience, booing and hissing and lots of 'he's behind you's going on! Bobi had so much fun, clapping and dancing around...think she loved messing about on the flipping up chair most!! We had the front row of the Dress Circle and there was no one sitting next to us so she had a great time legging it up and down during the interval!

Today we went for a walk up the canal after we collected Charlie. The weather was lovely and shiny but freezing!!! So it was gloves, coats, tights, hats and lots of running!!! Dont mind the cold as long as there's no ugly rain!!!
Charlie and Bobs had great fun throwing stones into the water. There are lots of ducks around now and the 2 swans are back!!! Hopefully that means we'll have lots more babies come the summer!! Woohoo!!!

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