Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh oh oh!!! It's Christmas eve!!!!! Im so excited!!!

Kitchen's clean - Check
Bathroom clean - Check
Bobi's bedroom sorted - Check
Presents wrapped and looking pretty under the tree - Check
Watching cheesemeister films all day - Check
House smelling of sexy christmas candles - Check
Mulled wine heating on the cooker ready for my belly - Check
Bags packed for London - Check
Lee on standby to get Christmas Eve KFC - Check
Getting really vomity excited - Check

Go Christmas Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yeah, my names Stacey and yeah im from London but no i ain't Stacey Slater from Eastenders and really it ain't that funny!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Im my god!!! Im so stressed.... Have so much to do!!! Got most of my wrapping done yesterday so that's my tree looks all pretty now with lots of pressies under it!! Still got some shopping to do but not too panicked about it!
But got so many glasses to paint!! Not moaning about it cos im happy that im getting the business but so hard to find the time!!!! Been painting all day and feel plop cos not being giving Bobs as much attention as i normally would!! She's being a really good girl though so im lucky! clap Just got another order for 2 more glasses so stuck a big sign on my store for NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna be painting till christmas eve!!! Grrrr!!!! ;)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lush Lush...gotta have some Lush.....

Check out this little beauty!! Got sucked into Lush today on my journey through town....couldn't help myself the smell was just too intoxicating!!
Innocently picked up a little bar of this baby (porridge soap)...had a little sniffer and completely fell in love!
Oh my god, it's so creamy and oaty and....well...lush!!! Got myself a little chunk of oaty love...gonna sample its amazingness tonight! Oooooooo can't wait!!!
Sprayed myself with their Karma perfume and can't stop sniffing myself!!! That was about 5 hours ago and its still going strong..... yum!
Got some Angels on Bare Skin scrubby goodness too...doesn't smell too amazing in the tub but geez louise it's a fitty on your face....turns into oatified milky wonderousness in your hand and scrubs the scum off your chops like nothing else....keep sniffing my top lip like a camel!! Hahaha!!! Angels On Bare Skin...get it!!!
To top it all off i got a lump of sexy soap for FREE as a 'christmas present' from Lush!! Thank you very much you fine people at Lush i shall enjoy its squishy seaweedy loveliness...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My baby is 2

Right so my baby is 2 now!! Can't believe it! My little baby's not a baby anymore!!!!!
We had such a lovely day... got the nice surprise of not having any kids for the days so got to spend the whole day giving my bubs all my attention!
Couldn't give her her presents till Lee got home for his lunch!! Grrrr!!! But it was worth the wait! She had a lovely time opening them all.... She played with her new baby all day!
Then we went to the shop on her new bike! Geez Louise it's hard to control when she's deliberately steering the wrong way!! Hahaha!!! Nearly ended up head first into the road! :( Brat!!
Then Jackie, Jess, Kim, Amber, Ros and Russler came round and she got even more spoilt and had a little cupcake so she could blow the candles out! Hehehe!!! She was too busy stressing that we'd turned the light off to concentrate on she gave a feeble contribution! (you can see from the pictures!)
Then when everyone left she had a nice snuggle with her mummy and daddy....wouldn't go to sleep so we let her get in with us for a while!!! She didn't go to sleep till past 11 o'clock!!! Little brat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Went to see the lights being turned on on the tree in our estate last night!! Had such a lovely time! T'was freezing but got a double whammy of mulled wine (cos Lee doesn't like it so i nicked his) and warm mince pies!! WARM MINCE PIES!!!

Bobs had a brilliant time singing her heart out and running round like a loon! :) Feel all Christmasy now!!! Woohoo!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

So...forgot to post about the weekend in England!!!
T'was wicked! Didn't get home till late on Friday night due to smelly crash on motorway and subsequent detour via train to Liverpool street...

Rang mum to meet me at Maccy me and Bobs were going up the escalator who should be going down! MUM AND CHRIS!! Hahaha!! Cue mum moonwalking up the down and getting dodge looks from all the suited and booted lovelies!!! Hahaha!!

Got up early on Saturday and went to my beloved Asda! Got Bobs christmas clothes...couldn't resist the miniture prom dress a la netting! Hahaha!! So she's sorted now! :P Gonna serve as a double whammy for her party dress for Michelle's party on 27th! Whoop whoop!!

Got Bobs cake for her little party! GIANT FRENCH FANCY!!! Yeah yeah yeah! Made a little Iggle Piggle out of icing! First attempt went donkey so had to do another! T'was brill....she loved it!!!

Then went to the 60's and 70's party! Had a great time and Bobs was a very good little girl!!! Mother got a little drunkipoo's and broke her toe a la Martyn jumped on it!!! Hahaha!!! She's so accident prone it hurts!!!

Sunday was cool! Everyone came over to see us for Bobi's birthday!! She got so spoilt!!! We had a lovely day and im so glad that everyone came!!! She's still talkin about it all now!! Keeps asking where everyone is!!! :)
There are 12 cards up on the wall already and it's not even her birthday yet!!! Little rat!!!

Saw Claire's baby bump for the first time!!! Can't wait for Little Mac to be born!!! Whoop whoop!! Check out the little bumpage in the pic ---->