Thursday, December 11, 2008

My baby is 2

Right so my baby is 2 now!! Can't believe it! My little baby's not a baby anymore!!!!!
We had such a lovely day... got the nice surprise of not having any kids for the days so got to spend the whole day giving my bubs all my attention!
Couldn't give her her presents till Lee got home for his lunch!! Grrrr!!! But it was worth the wait! She had a lovely time opening them all.... She played with her new baby all day!
Then we went to the shop on her new bike! Geez Louise it's hard to control when she's deliberately steering the wrong way!! Hahaha!!! Nearly ended up head first into the road! :( Brat!!
Then Jackie, Jess, Kim, Amber, Ros and Russler came round and she got even more spoilt and had a little cupcake so she could blow the candles out! Hehehe!!! She was too busy stressing that we'd turned the light off to concentrate on she gave a feeble contribution! (you can see from the pictures!)
Then when everyone left she had a nice snuggle with her mummy and daddy....wouldn't go to sleep so we let her get in with us for a while!!! She didn't go to sleep till past 11 o'clock!!! Little brat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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