Friday, January 30, 2009

Our bed time conversations really are second to none! Last night Lee attempted to solve the climate change problem. Obviously his brain is better than the whole population of scientists!!!

Here are a few of his solutions;
  1. Make ice!! Get a huge big fridge type generator and make a load of iceburgs... wack them up in the North/South pole. Problem Solved. (Only problem being that mass production of ice using massive generators would inevitably more heat = less ice!!!)
  2. Build Walls around countries!! Prevent the rise of water levels from breaching our land! Hmmmmmmmm....big walls. Nah.
  3. Dig big holes for the water to go down. Preferably dig them very very deep so the water comes out the other side of the world, drowning them instead of us! Hmmm...again, not gonna happen! Where you gonna put all the earth?!
  4. Take the water up to the moon. Yeah, nice, lets create nice big water meteors to crash back down to earth and drown us even more!!
  5. Make all of China (picked China purely because of its mahoosive population!) drink loads of water at the same time. Thus taking lots of water out of the water cycle at any one time!!! Again....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Basically it aint gonna happen!!! Hahaha!!! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Judges suck...i dont wanna watch BBC anyway!!

Oh my god!! Im in rant mode!!! Im so annoyed!!
Today i was up in court! Yes, up in court. I was actually in trouble for the first time in my WHOLE life!!! Crapped my pants! But fear not, i haven't murdered anyone, or robbed any old ladies or suddenly got an arsenistic (is that a word) streak, but alas i commited the most unforgivable sin of them all...i forgot to pay my TV licence....i hear you all gasp in disgust, please refrain from stoning me in the street.
So without any prior warnings, letters, phone calls, knocks on the door, i received a lovely little summons in the post...nice little Christmas present for me! I wouldn't mind if i'd had warnings and ignored them...but no!! I wouldn't mind if i hadn't been collecting TV Licence stamps for ages now preparing myself to hand over €160 to watch a TV that i bought...that i pay an electricity bill for, but just never got around to buying the poxy thing!
So, a bit annoyed that's it's only in my name (when the house is joint owned) and more than a bit pooping my pants at having to face an actual real life judge, i awaited the day of judgement!!!
Then arrives my most feared day. Thanks to working with kids and the disgusting amount of traffic in Dublin City Centre i was late! YES LATE for the almighty judge, most important person in the world!!! And to top it all of, it was a woman! (I always find women who are in a position of power to be complete bitches (God Stacey, could you be anymore judgemental and prejudiced!) talk about power trip, "the suffragettes began our fight to rise to the same status as the men, i shall carry on with this fight but proving my worth. I will use my position to create as much pain and suffering as i can!" - pig).
So i walked in 5 minutes (yes, 5 whole big fat minutes) late and sat amongst everyone else, blending in quite nicely with all the other TV Licence evading scum. The name reading woman called everyone up in turn...guilty? €160 gone peasant. I sat preying that by some favourable twist of fate i would be towards the bottom half of the list.
No Stacey Sayers called out!!! Yep, you guessed it, i was at the START of the list and missed my slot! So not only was i non-TV Licence paying scum, but i was in contempt of court!!! Contempt of court!!?? I can't even look a policeman in the eye im that scared, how could i be in contempt of court!!!!!!!!
The almighty queen judge looked me straight in the eye (here comes the telling off for being late i thought!) AND WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM! She doth not waste her precious time (on a Friday afternoon no less) on terrible time keeping plebs like me!
Name calling woman told me i had a €500 fine for NOT TURNING UP!!! Huh huh huh!?!?! (she tells me this with a complete lack of standing in front of you, i did turn up!!) But i could appeal it! Great i thought more work to do....but lets do it! Im rearing to go straight up to the 3rd floor (civic office dont you know) fighting for my rights....when she pipes up 'but there's no point in doing it now, leave it till next week'.... as if i dont have enough to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

O-bam-a O-bam-a

So, yesterday was an important day! Barack Obama became president.
Im actually well happy about this!!! I know it's America and everything is made that bit more dramatic than in the rest of the world, but i do think it's a really good thing to happen!!! It's made America feel proud of itself again, giving them all hope!!! After things like 9/11 and Hurricane Catriona they needed something to make them feel good about themselves again!!! I know a lot of people dont like the arogance of the US as a nation, but it just wouldn't be America without the American Dream!
He is such an amazing orator! Seriously, the man is good!!! He smiles at all the right times, speaks with power and is nice and young! He's definately a leader! My vote (if i'd had one) went to Obama!
He is inheriting one of the worlds most messed up countries though!!! The economy is plop, everyone hates the US, they're in 2 wars (so are we, dont forget!!!!) and the people are generally miserable!!! He's giving everyone hope though. People believe that things can change and life can get better. Dont get me wrong, i know loads of American's are big, fat wealthy big mouths but the normal people are the ones that are truely feeling how special this all is!

Poor Bush, everyone really hates him!!! Hahaha!! I do feel sorry for him though. I think as a person he is actually alright. He's quite funny (funny - haha! Not funny - weird). But seriously, he had to be the most ridiculous president in the whole history of America! He was just utter rubbish! The guy couldn't even speak properly (misunderestimated! Seriously), not a big deal for 'normal' person, but for the leader of the one of the worlds most powerful countries....nah!!!

The actual inaugaration yesterday was quite good. It was so typically American though....big, loud, cheery and dramatic!
Aretha Franklin, a little whisper in your ear love, you're amazing, you're history of music is brilliant. But seriously, give it up now babes! It aint good! Plus, what was going on with the song she sang? Was it God Save The Queen with different words, or am i just completely uneducated!?
One bit made me laugh, was so American! The camera zoomed in on a woman in the crowd who was joining in with The Star Spangled Banner, all proud of her country and she stops in the middle and has a nice big chomp on her chewing gum! Sooooo Violet Beauregard.

In all a good day for the Western World (i say Western cos im damn sure the East still wanna blow the crap out of him!).....

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Seriously, can this shop get any better! For real, im more in love with it now!
Went in today (had some money that i'd made from painting so thought i'd treat myself seeing as Lee's gone away for the weekend) and got ambushed by a tall, very camp chinese man. Thought "oh here we go. He's gonna shove loadsa products that i dont want in my face and i'll be scared and buy them".....geez, was i taught a lesson in judging books by covers!!! He was so nice!!!! Literally threw loads of free stuff at me! There were loads of offers, but no signs up or anything!!!! I spent €15 and ended up with about €50 worth of stuff!!!!
Then when i went to the till with my basket of mostly-free goodies the woman at the till told me to buy something else in the skin care range and i'd get ANOTHER gift box of free stuff cos i'd already bought a skin care product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So picked up a toner for €5 and got a box of free stuff worth €20!!!
Got home and sniffed my heart out as i unloaded my laden bag and gazed at my loot in all it's glory!! Guess who's soaking in the bath tonight!

When going into Lush always ask the assistant to tell you about offers!

The Trials and Tribulations of Poo........

....why oh why do so many people think it's ok to let their smelly little canines crap all over the pavement!!!! The pavement that is there for WALKING on!
The school runs are a constant struggle...a slalom race through a unending obstacle course of varying plops! Kids just dont look where they're going! My life would be so much easier if people would just be responsible for their pets...would you let your child whip down it's pant and poo all over the pavement (dont even answer that)? NO!! So why let your beloved furry family member do it!?
'Mind the poo', 'mind the poo', 'mind the poo' - the words i find myself saying constantly to the of whom would step in a dump even if it was hidden in a football field (clumsy clot). Im sick of saving the kids from the certain doom of stepping on a turd while winding the buggy through the foul stuff!!! I dont want smears all over my floor thank you very much.
Then the horror of all horrors. Bobi decided to sit on a little wall....cue me grabbing her in disgust. THERE WAS A DOG POO ON THE WALL!! ON THE WALL!! How the hell does a dog poo on a wall! Surely that's just physically impossible...obviously not!
CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PET... The next dog i see crapping all over the WALK-way, im gonna kick up the butt and push that plop back where it can from....or so help me!!! (a little Monsters Inc sort-of reference there), then im gonna kick it's owner in the butt!!! If i wanted to have the worries of dog-fouling i would get myself a dog!
If poop-avoidance were an olympic sport guess who'd win first prize!!?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

We went to see Slumdog Millionaire last night. I thought it was going to be good because of all the awards it has already won, but was a bit dubious about it all because sometimes films win random awards from the 'pros' when the normal people can't understand the decisions ie, There Will Be Blood won loads of awards and it was the biggest pile of crud i have EVER seen!!!!!!!!!
But i can honestly say that Slumdog Millionaire deserves every award it has won and will win!!!! It is the most amazingly beautiful film i have ever seen. The story is brilliant, completely original and not what i expected. The filming is so perfect - colours, details, grainy, intense, fast, graphic. The actors are so talented (can't believe how good Skins fella is!). The music is brilliant (soooo downloading some). And the child actors are the most beautiful children! Even the credits are magic.
This is definately one of my favourite films! It's tragic, but happy. There's no sleeze, nudeness, unneccessary violence or swearing. It's thought provoking but not too intense. It's just beautiful.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sexy Chunky Humus...'s my little recipe for simple humus.
  • Chick peas - Out of a tin. Wack em in a bowl and mash the hell out of them with a fork. (you can stick them in a food processor but i like a bit of chunk).
  • Lemon Juice - Splash it in. I put loads in cos im addicted to the stuff.
  • Garlic - Chop it in to titchy little bits (you can crush it but i again i like a little bit of chunk).
  • Cumin - A few pinches.
  • Salt and pepper - Loads. Do it.
  • Chilli - If you fancy a little extra kick stick a few of these in! Love it!

And that's end of our lesson today children.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We took Bobi to her first pantomine on Sunday (Cinderella)! The man in our local Centra had some tickets and he just randomly gave us 4!!! (touch wood...our luck seems to having a good run at the moment!) Because Bobs is 2 she didn't need a ticket so we took Jess and Ambi too! Had such a cool time! Was proper traditional...ugly sisters, singing, dancing, sweets slung into the audience, booing and hissing and lots of 'he's behind you's going on! Bobi had so much fun, clapping and dancing around...think she loved messing about on the flipping up chair most!! We had the front row of the Dress Circle and there was no one sitting next to us so she had a great time legging it up and down during the interval!

Today we went for a walk up the canal after we collected Charlie. The weather was lovely and shiny but freezing!!! So it was gloves, coats, tights, hats and lots of running!!! Dont mind the cold as long as there's no ugly rain!!!
Charlie and Bobs had great fun throwing stones into the water. There are lots of ducks around now and the 2 swans are back!!! Hopefully that means we'll have lots more babies come the summer!! Woohoo!!!

Va Va Voom

Errrrr....excuse me!! I have a car!!! Yep, it's so pretty!!!
A 3 door silver Vauxall Astra!!! It's my very own car!
Booked my theory test last it next Tuesday so better get revising my road signs and all that!! The signs are actually quite's all the other malarky! Ooooooooooooo...can't wait to get my licence and voom all over the place!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Top Ten of Face Stuff....

Here's my top 10 of stuff i put on my face...not really in any particular order cos it's too hard to decide which i like best!! :P

10 - Avon Anew lippy. Meant for older people but it's like cream...smooths on like a fitty and plumps to the max! Never leaves my lips dry and the colours are wicked!!!

9 - Smashbox O-Glow. Amazing! Funky little clear gel that you put on your cheeks and it turns you a pretty little pink glow!

8 - Bourjois Lip Tint. Love this...turns your lips a sexy colour that stays for the pink best!!!

7- Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner. Im not really mad into doing stuff with my eyes but these are cool. They are creamy and easy to apply and have a nice dark colour. Plus they're windy ones so no sharpening malarky! Always a winner!!! Whoop!

6- Avon Magix. Poifect! Foundation but without the colour. Very cool! Goes on really easily (wack it on with my fingers!!!) and makes my skin feel smooth and scrummy.

5- Rimmel Moisturizing Lipstick. The red one. Such a cool colour...very Land Girlesque. Only one problem is that i dont find it very moisturizing but what ya gonna do! Beauty has it's price!

4- Bourjois Bronzer. Not only does this have amazing packaging (like a bar of chocolate) and brushes on lovely and not too dark...but it smells amazing!!!!!!! and it has slight simmery bits! What more could you want!!!

3 - Lush 'Breath Of Fresh Air' toner. Made with actual real sea water. That alone is amazing! But it smells really fresh and makes my skin feel cool and clean! Love using it....quick spritz and away ya go!

2 - Lush 'Soft Touch' Butter. Even though this is a hand moisturiser i use it sparingly on my face and it makes me feel all smooth. Give the bar a quick rub around my hands to warm it up and melty. Rub my hands together to spread it all out. Let it sink into my hands. Then gently rub my face to get put any residue on it...kapow! FIT!! I use it at night cos it can look a bit greasey and morning it's perfect!!

1 - Angels On Bare Skin. Lush cleanser, amazing!! My new definate number one must have!!! Im not completely mad about the smell... i prefer creamy, vanilla-esque smells to fresh, vegetabley ones but this is lovely and moisturizing, full of exfoliating bits and leaves my face AMAZING! Definately using this FOREVER!!!

My Amazing Boots

My amazing Nightmare Before Christmas love with them!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Errrrrr....Next clothes have always been my favourite to stick on Bobs but now they've gone to whole new amazing level!!!!!!!!!! They're doing tshirts from heaven, Button Moon, My Little Pony, Disney, Care Bears, Slush Puppy!!! Oh my god, my child is going to be retro queen!!!! 80's all the way baby!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kids smell....

Having a stressy day even though im trying my hardest to stay calm....deep breaths, laughing at or ignoring tantrums and generally walking away...but can feel my little blood vessels pumping at full force and my nerves tightening.....
Anyway, Bobi had a tantrum for a whole 30 mins from getting Charlie, down to Ella's school and then to dropping Lucy off to Cathy. Geez that child can keep up a fight. Laid on the floor about 10 times (in the middle of the pavement) and wouldn't move!! Stubborn little git. I tried walking off down the road to scare her into moving but nah...i actually got the whole way up the street and had to go back to get her!!! Little brat!
Then had an afternoon of 3 crazy kids not listening to me (and i mean for real not listening to a word i said) and messing the WHOLE house up! Dont know why i bother trying to keep it nice and everything organised, cos it just doesn't work with kids in the house!!
Then dinner time was an ordeal...ended up giving them a time limit, then the food went in the desserts. Poop.
Hate being a shouting, moaning, boss type person. I try to let them do what they want (within reason) but the whole ignoring malarky and not doing the few things that i ask them to drives me insane!!!!!
Walked into Bobi's room and found the Mickey Mouse poster we bought her in Paris (which was in the wardrobe waiting to be put up on the wall) on the floor ripped!!!!! Didnt know whether to scream or cry!!! Then the lies about who did it and blaming Robyn cos she can't really stand up for herself yet!!! Grrr.....!!!!
Why do people work with children! Why do i!!!!!

Had to share this!! Hahaha!

Disney Land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much to say other than we had the best time ever! Bobi was so happy and excited about it all. It was so lovely looking at her little face lighting up on the rides or when a character came and shook her hand. The fireworks were great. Food was bootiful. People rude. Rides coowell. BLOODY FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was wicked spending so much time with everyone.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jacobs gift to man...

...Twiglets are MY HERO!!! 
I love them!! They are fit! 
Why oh why does Ireland not have the sense to import these brown knobberly beauts to satisfy the marmite needs of the nation!!! I miss them so much when im there!! Christmas = twiglets, so christmas at home in mama's house = my fill of twiglets!!! 
My uncle has bought me a big fat bag of twiglets to take home with me so i should be able to stretch my twiglet fix for a few days!!!