Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kids smell....

Having a stressy day even though im trying my hardest to stay calm....deep breaths, laughing at or ignoring tantrums and generally walking away...but can feel my little blood vessels pumping at full force and my nerves tightening.....
Anyway, Bobi had a tantrum for a whole 30 mins from getting Charlie, down to Ella's school and then to dropping Lucy off to Cathy. Geez that child can keep up a fight. Laid on the floor about 10 times (in the middle of the pavement) and wouldn't move!! Stubborn little git. I tried walking off down the road to scare her into moving but nah...i actually got the whole way up the street and had to go back to get her!!! Little brat!
Then had an afternoon of 3 crazy kids not listening to me (and i mean for real not listening to a word i said) and messing the WHOLE house up! Dont know why i bother trying to keep it nice and everything organised, cos it just doesn't work with kids in the house!!
Then dinner time was an ordeal...ended up giving them a time limit, then the food went in the desserts. Poop.
Hate being a shouting, moaning, boss type person. I try to let them do what they want (within reason) but the whole ignoring malarky and not doing the few things that i ask them to drives me insane!!!!!
Walked into Bobi's room and found the Mickey Mouse poster we bought her in Paris (which was in the wardrobe waiting to be put up on the wall) on the floor ripped!!!!! Didnt know whether to scream or cry!!! Then the lies about who did it and blaming Robyn cos she can't really stand up for herself yet!!! Grrr.....!!!!
Why do people work with children! Why do i!!!!!

Had to share this!! Hahaha!

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