Friday, January 30, 2009

Our bed time conversations really are second to none! Last night Lee attempted to solve the climate change problem. Obviously his brain is better than the whole population of scientists!!!

Here are a few of his solutions;
  1. Make ice!! Get a huge big fridge type generator and make a load of iceburgs... wack them up in the North/South pole. Problem Solved. (Only problem being that mass production of ice using massive generators would inevitably more heat = less ice!!!)
  2. Build Walls around countries!! Prevent the rise of water levels from breaching our land! Hmmmmmmmm....big walls. Nah.
  3. Dig big holes for the water to go down. Preferably dig them very very deep so the water comes out the other side of the world, drowning them instead of us! Hmmm...again, not gonna happen! Where you gonna put all the earth?!
  4. Take the water up to the moon. Yeah, nice, lets create nice big water meteors to crash back down to earth and drown us even more!!
  5. Make all of China (picked China purely because of its mahoosive population!) drink loads of water at the same time. Thus taking lots of water out of the water cycle at any one time!!! Again....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Basically it aint gonna happen!!! Hahaha!!! :)

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