Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sexy Chunky Humus...'s my little recipe for simple humus.
  • Chick peas - Out of a tin. Wack em in a bowl and mash the hell out of them with a fork. (you can stick them in a food processor but i like a bit of chunk).
  • Lemon Juice - Splash it in. I put loads in cos im addicted to the stuff.
  • Garlic - Chop it in to titchy little bits (you can crush it but i again i like a little bit of chunk).
  • Cumin - A few pinches.
  • Salt and pepper - Loads. Do it.
  • Chilli - If you fancy a little extra kick stick a few of these in! Love it!

And that's end of our lesson today children.

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