Saturday, January 17, 2009


Seriously, can this shop get any better! For real, im more in love with it now!
Went in today (had some money that i'd made from painting so thought i'd treat myself seeing as Lee's gone away for the weekend) and got ambushed by a tall, very camp chinese man. Thought "oh here we go. He's gonna shove loadsa products that i dont want in my face and i'll be scared and buy them".....geez, was i taught a lesson in judging books by covers!!! He was so nice!!!! Literally threw loads of free stuff at me! There were loads of offers, but no signs up or anything!!!! I spent €15 and ended up with about €50 worth of stuff!!!!
Then when i went to the till with my basket of mostly-free goodies the woman at the till told me to buy something else in the skin care range and i'd get ANOTHER gift box of free stuff cos i'd already bought a skin care product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So picked up a toner for €5 and got a box of free stuff worth €20!!!
Got home and sniffed my heart out as i unloaded my laden bag and gazed at my loot in all it's glory!! Guess who's soaking in the bath tonight!

When going into Lush always ask the assistant to tell you about offers!

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