Saturday, January 10, 2009

Top Ten of Face Stuff....

Here's my top 10 of stuff i put on my face...not really in any particular order cos it's too hard to decide which i like best!! :P

10 - Avon Anew lippy. Meant for older people but it's like cream...smooths on like a fitty and plumps to the max! Never leaves my lips dry and the colours are wicked!!!

9 - Smashbox O-Glow. Amazing! Funky little clear gel that you put on your cheeks and it turns you a pretty little pink glow!

8 - Bourjois Lip Tint. Love this...turns your lips a sexy colour that stays for the pink best!!!

7- Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner. Im not really mad into doing stuff with my eyes but these are cool. They are creamy and easy to apply and have a nice dark colour. Plus they're windy ones so no sharpening malarky! Always a winner!!! Whoop!

6- Avon Magix. Poifect! Foundation but without the colour. Very cool! Goes on really easily (wack it on with my fingers!!!) and makes my skin feel smooth and scrummy.

5- Rimmel Moisturizing Lipstick. The red one. Such a cool colour...very Land Girlesque. Only one problem is that i dont find it very moisturizing but what ya gonna do! Beauty has it's price!

4- Bourjois Bronzer. Not only does this have amazing packaging (like a bar of chocolate) and brushes on lovely and not too dark...but it smells amazing!!!!!!! and it has slight simmery bits! What more could you want!!!

3 - Lush 'Breath Of Fresh Air' toner. Made with actual real sea water. That alone is amazing! But it smells really fresh and makes my skin feel cool and clean! Love using it....quick spritz and away ya go!

2 - Lush 'Soft Touch' Butter. Even though this is a hand moisturiser i use it sparingly on my face and it makes me feel all smooth. Give the bar a quick rub around my hands to warm it up and melty. Rub my hands together to spread it all out. Let it sink into my hands. Then gently rub my face to get put any residue on it...kapow! FIT!! I use it at night cos it can look a bit greasey and morning it's perfect!!

1 - Angels On Bare Skin. Lush cleanser, amazing!! My new definate number one must have!!! Im not completely mad about the smell... i prefer creamy, vanilla-esque smells to fresh, vegetabley ones but this is lovely and moisturizing, full of exfoliating bits and leaves my face AMAZING! Definately using this FOREVER!!!

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Mumshomemadelove said...

Love the countdown, where do you get the cleanser stuff from then?