Wednesday, January 21, 2009

O-bam-a O-bam-a

So, yesterday was an important day! Barack Obama became president.
Im actually well happy about this!!! I know it's America and everything is made that bit more dramatic than in the rest of the world, but i do think it's a really good thing to happen!!! It's made America feel proud of itself again, giving them all hope!!! After things like 9/11 and Hurricane Catriona they needed something to make them feel good about themselves again!!! I know a lot of people dont like the arogance of the US as a nation, but it just wouldn't be America without the American Dream!
He is such an amazing orator! Seriously, the man is good!!! He smiles at all the right times, speaks with power and is nice and young! He's definately a leader! My vote (if i'd had one) went to Obama!
He is inheriting one of the worlds most messed up countries though!!! The economy is plop, everyone hates the US, they're in 2 wars (so are we, dont forget!!!!) and the people are generally miserable!!! He's giving everyone hope though. People believe that things can change and life can get better. Dont get me wrong, i know loads of American's are big, fat wealthy big mouths but the normal people are the ones that are truely feeling how special this all is!

Poor Bush, everyone really hates him!!! Hahaha!! I do feel sorry for him though. I think as a person he is actually alright. He's quite funny (funny - haha! Not funny - weird). But seriously, he had to be the most ridiculous president in the whole history of America! He was just utter rubbish! The guy couldn't even speak properly (misunderestimated! Seriously), not a big deal for 'normal' person, but for the leader of the one of the worlds most powerful countries....nah!!!

The actual inaugaration yesterday was quite good. It was so typically American though....big, loud, cheery and dramatic!
Aretha Franklin, a little whisper in your ear love, you're amazing, you're history of music is brilliant. But seriously, give it up now babes! It aint good! Plus, what was going on with the song she sang? Was it God Save The Queen with different words, or am i just completely uneducated!?
One bit made me laugh, was so American! The camera zoomed in on a woman in the crowd who was joining in with The Star Spangled Banner, all proud of her country and she stops in the middle and has a nice big chomp on her chewing gum! Sooooo Violet Beauregard.

In all a good day for the Western World (i say Western cos im damn sure the East still wanna blow the crap out of him!).....

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