Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lush Lush...gotta have some Lush.....

Check out this little beauty!! Got sucked into Lush today on my journey through town....couldn't help myself the smell was just too intoxicating!!
Innocently picked up a little bar of this baby (porridge soap)...had a little sniffer and completely fell in love!
Oh my god, it's so creamy and oaty and....well...lush!!! Got myself a little chunk of oaty love...gonna sample its amazingness tonight! Oooooooo can't wait!!!
Sprayed myself with their Karma perfume and can't stop sniffing myself!!! That was about 5 hours ago and its still going strong..... yum!
Got some Angels on Bare Skin scrubby goodness too...doesn't smell too amazing in the tub but geez louise it's a fitty on your face....turns into oatified milky wonderousness in your hand and scrubs the scum off your chops like nothing else....keep sniffing my top lip like a camel!! Hahaha!!! Angels On Bare Skin...get it!!!
To top it all off i got a lump of sexy soap for FREE as a 'christmas present' from Lush!! Thank you very much you fine people at Lush i shall enjoy its squishy seaweedy loveliness...

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Anonymous said...

LUSH makes me vom with love!

J'adore les Karma 4 u!