Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rocking weekend...

Had a lovely, busy bank holiday weekend. On Saturday me, Bobs and our friends went out to the RDS to collect our numbers for the mini-marathon. The Women's World show was on so we had a nice walk around collecting lots of freebies on the way.
The weather was yummers so me, Bobs, Hol and Cat spent the rest of the after in the playground! I love my little girl...even though she drives me mental she makes me feel squiggly inside....her thing this weekend has been to squish me tight and say 'ooooooooooooooooo, i love you so much!' LOVES!!!
Sunday was cool too...
We went out for our dinner with Russler and Karina to a pub. Dinner was yum. Proper roast beef! Large portion...yes!
Then we drove out to Howth and walked along the sea wall and got ice cream. Even by 8 o'clock the sun was still blazing and it was still sweatingly hot...think this is our summer! Once this bout of heat has gone i dare say that is it for us this year. It's too good to be true!

Monday was marathon day. Met the girlies in town and we walked up to the start line. Was brilliant waiting for it to start and everyone cheering once we kicked off. Had such a cool time. One of our girls had to pull out cos her leg was bocked! But other than that we all finished. A few split off but 5 of us stuck together...was so much fun!
Me and Jess had a much needed water fight at 6km, by which time we were all gasping and sweating and generally dying...so felt soooooooooooooooooo good after soaking each other! :P

Had such a brilliant brilliant day! Definately going to do it next year and we may even register to jog it...see if we can beat our time of 2hrs 5mins this year.All in all very proud of ourselves! Whoop whoop!! And we got a pretty little heartshaped medal for our efforts! And raised money for 1 in 4 - a charity that supports victims of sexual abuse.

But now it is Tuesday and im completely and totally fed up with everything going back to normal today!!! We really need a holiday cos this same ol' boring stuff is getting to us!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!! Hopefully in a few weeks time we'll be able to go off somewhere and relax...no bills, washing, cleaning or annoyance! :)

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