Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My follow to on....

After stumbling across http://www.kittyhell.com/ i've decided to put down my top bunch of Hello Kitty ug stuff....i like Hello Kitty's cuteness as much as the next person, my daughter has clothes with her on and i do partake in a little letter writing on Hello Kitty paper with my Hello Kitty pen, then go on to seal it into a Hello Kitty envelope to delight the person who receives it but seriously the whole HK phemonena may have a tad too far....
A Hello Kitty washing machine for all your cute washing needs.
And a HK sewing machine for all the creative HK fans out there, to make their clothes to put into their HK washing machines!!
Now this i need!! Hahaha!! I agree with this cuteness!!!
So when you go on holidays what the one thing you always make sure is in your bag? Your Hello Kitty mosquito repellant patches of course!!!

Oooooooooooooooo....a Hello Kitty house...just what i've always wanted!!!!! And just in case you had some misguided concept that it was Jesus who died on the cross for the sins of all of man kind....think again my lovelies, it was Hello Kitty you uneducated swines!!!

What better way is there to be brought into this world than via the Hello Kitty hospital!!!

Now, excuse me crap American accent; "Fed up of stinky whiffs from your babies diaper? Sick of the smell of sick? Carrot puree breath not pleasing your nasal passage? Well have no fear!!! Hello Kitty BABY perfume is here....for all your little persons big odour problems" - SICK!!!
Ooooo....the horrible task of grass cutting is made easy with your trusty Hello Kitty lawnmower!
And of course all suited and booted business men want to go to work on a Hello Kitty tram dont they!!?!
And of course all the worlds lovely little doggy woggies want a yummy Hello Kitty muzzle wuzzle dont they!
Ok ok....these are all very silly and somewhat annoying examples of Hello Kitty's domination of all things that seriously dont need to be Hello Kitty-fied, but "stop" i hear you cry..."she's just a cartoon cat who has far too many fans with far too much time on their hands....she harmless, leave her alone to infiltrate the nice side of society...cuteness can only be a good thing right!?"
"Mummy i want some beer"...."But you can't darling, beer is for adults and you're only 3"... "But Mummy, beer is soooooooooooo cute!!!"Ooooooooooo a lovely, cute KKK Kitty...just what the world needs!

Oh and just in case you feel the need to shoot someone, make sure it's done with the new Hello Kitty shotgun...fully functional and including cute Hello Kitty bullets....kill them with cuteness!
Tattoos are old news my friends and soooooooo a thing of the past...why not go for the defleshing mode of "self-art" and even better...do it in the shape of Hello Kitty, so you have a yummy, scrummy scar!!!
And if you dont believe that someone actually did this to themselves...here's the blog to prove it;
Oh...this is by far my favourite! Anyone guess what could be in these lovely little Hello Kitty packages? Perhap a Hello Kitty tea set? Or a lovely dress all boxed up? Could it be a super cute Hello Kitty board game? Well my friends, your guesses are wrong.... Allow me to introduce you to Hello Kitty cocaine!!!
Yep, no doubt the smugglers thought that by wacking a lovely picture of the famous mega-cute kitty on the package the customs officers would be fooled by the cunning disguise as Hello Kitty couldn't possibly have anything to do with cocaine now could she?!!?!?


TicklyToes said...

lmao Stacey!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! crazy or what! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love you intensely. But I'd also LOVE to shoot you in the fanny with a Hello Kitty gun HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA.