Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Poem for Dad...


I cry for all the things that happened.
I cry for all that should have been.
I cry for all the things we saw
and all the things we should have seen.

I cry because you went through so much
I cry because i want you here
I cry for every memory in me
my heart is full of tears.

I cry because i wish you'd met her, but
I cry because you did not know,
I cry, you were spared the pain of leaving
your grandchild as well as your own.

I cry because you should be here
I cry with all my grief and pain,
I cry for all the things lost out on
that we'll never have again.

I cry because my heart is bursting
I cry for my wedding day,
I cry because you will not share it
Or be there to give me away.

I cry because i know you're still here,
I cry because i wish i could see
I cry because i love you so much
but i know you're here with me.

I cry for all the things you said
I cry for all we did together,
I cry because its just too final,
You died, you're gone,
you're gone for forever.

I cry and cry and cry.

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