Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting really excited about going home in 2 weeks time.... really dont want to take my exam though!!! Getting really nervous as i haven't even finished the workbooks let alone revised it all!!! :( Woe is me!!
I keep telling myself that its only a few hours out of my life....it's never bothered me if i fail exams before but i really want to pass this!!!! :(
Anyway, im getting a nice break in Mum's house because of the exam so that's a bonus!!!! We're going up to my mates house in Deptford on the Sunday, we're going up to the local city farm there and then to a floating pub.......oooooo should be fun! Can't wait to take Bobs to the farm with my Delen, she loves it and i like it when my mates get to enjoy doing stuff with her!!!

Anyway, getting excited now.

Having a bit of a grumpy day today... Can't be bothered to do anything and cant get myself motivated....even for painting!! The kids are doing my head in, fighting all the time and Josh has decided to start pinching.... Something i HATE!!!!!!!
Need to do the hoovering, so better get that done, dont wanna live in a dump :) Gonna cook a curry tonight, yum so better get myself moving.

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